Raj Mohan Boro

Before joining Artlife I was working in SBI as a marketing executive, but I was not satisfied with my job because there is no freedom and income also limited. My dream was traveling around the world, freedom time ,luxury car and luxury house. That is I was looking for better opportunity. Luckily I got Artlife , worked hard with my team and within 9 month I become president rank. After joining almost 3 to 4 month I faced so many difficulties as I don't have experience ,language problem as I am from remote rural area .Today I have achieved almost my dream ,like luxury car ,luxury house and three times foreign trips, time freedom and financial freedom. But it is only beginning. Artlife is big opportunity for everybody. It can fulfill everybody's dream in life. Success is continues process ,sometimes ups and down , sometimes fail but never give up ,just believe in yourself ,believe in company ,follow the system step by step ,always dream big . All the Best.

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