HB GREEN Powder 300 gm


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Original product, which is made on the basis of natural components for next purposes: to cleanse the body of toxins, improve digestion and also for the health maintenance. It has a low calorie content, but at the same time, it provides long time feeling satiation.
Natural useful elements:

Spirulina is a special blue green algae which is a rich source of several vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and proteins. It maintains body’s general health, speeds up the removal of toxins and helps to live longer.
Oat bran is a source of insoluble dietary fibers, at the expense of which, they could remove all of unnecessary things from the intestinal walls and accordingly speed up digestive processes, and have a positive impact on the intestinal microflora.
Bromelain is a plant enzyme that helps improves digestive processes.
Green Tea has antioxidant and detoxification effects.
Garcinia Cambogia helps to control the appetite and speeds up metabolism.
Curcuma has a good and positive effect on the digestive processes and metabolism. • Cardamom has antioxidant effect and maintains good mood. • Spinach contains fibers and chlorophyll, and helps in case of constipation.
Ginger helps to eliminate toxins and normalizes metabolic processes.
Proteins, Fat, Carbohydrates
Other: Food fibers, Organic acids, Tannins, Bromelain
Recommended usage:
Dissolve 15 g of granules (3 teaspoons) in a glass of hot water (96-98 Ñ). Taste intensity and density are depending on the quantity of added water.