Free Product Worth Rs 5549/-
Free Product Worth Rs 5549/-

Free Product Worth Rs 5549/-

Promotion Period: - from August 2020 to March 2021.  
Free Products Worth 5549  Rs after every 03 month of continue Activeness
Partners who will complete below mentioned conditions can participate in promotion:
Participant: Artlife distributors whose rank consultant, Master & Manager in August 2020.
Rules for participation:
1) During the promotion period any partner who will maintain continue activeness as per Marketing Plan, such Partner will get after every 03 months products worth 5549Rs (MRP) as a gift.
2) On 4th month below mentioned free gift will be added in invoice when winner will give products order for 50 pv or More.
Code Name Price(Mrp)
910021 Water based flavored drink Mix, (Mango Kissel) Rs 690/-
910333 Discovery Uni Rs 840/-
910335 Ferrodok Rs 720/-
910308 Glazorol Intesnsive Rs 1460/-
910330 Burdok-c 840 910405 Sorbiogel Rs 999/-

A) Offer cannot be clubbed with other offer
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