Promotion “Super Bonus program” .
Promotion “Super  Bonus program” .

Promotion “Super Bonus program” .

Promotion Period: - from August 2020 to December 2020.

 “Super Bonus program” should count according to the following rules.


All partners are eligible to participate in promotion by doing minimum 150 pv personal volume in any month during promotion period.

Complete 150 pv personal & join 2 new partners in first generation in same month & win Super Bonus Rs 3000 for every new pair of partners.(After completion of first month further activeness will count as per Marketing Plan.)

At the time of creating new pair and getting paid premium, if rank of sponsor is less than Manager than sponsor will automatically upgraded to rank of Manager.

For balancing the payout, in the month of creating every new pair and paid of premium, in counting of bonus of all above sponsors after the first Director 150 pv are not accounted.

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