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First Step , First Thought, Our Inspiration !!!

          Artlife is one of the fastest and most confidently growing Russian company in the field of healthy nutrition! company is rightfully considered as a founder of wellness industry in Russia.
          With more than twenty years of history, Artlife Company has earned a reliable reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality products for beauty and health.
          A long way has passed   from local sales office to the largest international corporation. Over the years, we have achieved a lot together and today we have all the resources to achieve even more in the future. Most modern production base, developed research potential, highly qualified staff - all this allows us to grow and develop, increase production, develop and produce new types of products, expand markets. 87 Most important result of our work is that over the past two decades we have been able to reach hundreds of thousands people around the world with the ideas of a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, disease prevention, preserving beauty, physical and spiritual health, and prolonging an active, full life.

           Mr. Alexander Avstrievskikh

From Managing Directors Desk 

When we started in India, on initial stage we started with small office in New delhi but thanks to excellent products range and quality we expanded in very less time, within just one year of service we moved to office premises consisting 5 floors with branch offices and service Centres in many states.

Now Artlife has self owned building with manufacturing unit in Noida, India.

In small period of time we succeeded to provide excellent quality products to Millions of citizens with the help of 1000s of successful Distributors.

At present we have many Distributors who are enjoying quality and luxury life with the help of Artlife and now we are expanding in Neighbouring countries also.

Main Aim of Artlife is to provide quality and healthy life to the nation.

Now we became independent with own infrastructure, self manufacturing of quality products vast distributors network, now Artlife in India became a brand of unconditional trust, a brand of successful future, a brand of healthy life.

Artlife is name of trust and prosperity.          

                                                      Mr. Rajkamal

Big story almost 25 years long
Year of foundation of Artlife, first biologically active complexes were released
Company begins to manufacture functional foods
Artlife launches cosmetics
Establishment of Artlife-Techno Enterprise
Company issues the first in Russia study guide on dietary supplements
Artlife is Russia's first hard gelatine capsule factory
Obtained a license for the production of medicines, ISO 22 000 certificate
Launched production of soft gelatin capsules and paintballs
Company was awarded the title "Business of high social responsibility"
Ministry of Economic Development gives Artlife the status of National Champion
New biotechnological complex in Altai
Artlife Started productin in India
Quality and Safety Standards
A certificate of incorporation is a legal document/license relating to the formation of a company or corporation. It is a license to form a corporation issued by state government or, in some jurisdictions, by non-governmental entity/corporation. Its precise meaning depends upon the legal system in which it is used.
High Quality Manufacturing
In 2009, we received the certificate of conformity farm. GMP standard (RUSSIA REGION)
Thousands of Satisfied Customers
Since 2008, the quality management system is certified according to ISO 22 000 (RUSSIA REGION)
No.1 Product
The quality control laboratory is accredited in the national system of accreditation (RUSSIA REGION)
We have the principle of voluntary product certification. (INDIA REGION)
Production activities
  • Biotechnological Products
  • Specific Food products
  • Biologically active complexes
  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceutical equipment
  • Hard and soft gelatin capsules
  • Paintball balls
  • Plastic container
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